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Start every event with Smile-Ups

Laughter Yoga

Each session is customized to your specific goals and pricing is determined accordingly, based on location, group size and length of session.



Interactive Group Sessions


Sarah leads Laughter Yoga workshops from 3 minutes to 1 hour, for all ages, from 2 people to 1,000+, for corporate events, religious institutions, student groups, and private parties. Sarah has shared a great belly laugh with thousands of happier, healthier people around the globe. Let her help you laugh your way to better health!  


No yoga mats or special clothing required.  In fact, you can do Laughter Yoga sitting in a chair!  No need to be flexible or know anything about downward dogs, upright rhinos or uptight family members, friends or colleagues.  



Laughter Yoga Leader Certification and Training


 *Contact me to discuss details and to schedule your individualized training or participate in one of my group trainings. I have conducted trainings in Minneapolis, MN, Atlanta, GA and LA, CA and happy to conduct a training where you live!


Give Me the Giggles  

  3-hour mini training - learn enough to integrate Laughter Yoga

  into your current work (ideal for nurses, teachers, therapists,

  health professionals)


I’m ready to help others Laugh for the Health of It!  

   Become a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader through culaminating in a

   certificate from the Dr. Kataria School of Laughter Yoga in India.

   (14 contact hours - ideal class size minimum is 6)


NOTE: Only those completing the 14-hour Certification Training

             are permitted to officially lead a Laughter Yoga session.

Phone Sessions


Every Laughter on Call package starts with a get acquainted call to determine your goals, set up the structure & laugh. Then we determine the best Laughter On Call for you.


Each call starts with Smile-Ups to warm up & then we continue with specialized laughter exercises just for you. You hang up the phone feeling more alive with contagious energy & something fun to share throughout your day. You'll have boosted your immune system without even trying!


Laughter On Call Packages:   


First call of all packages includes an orientation & assessment & is 25 minutes. All additional calls are 15 minutes.     


1 call                       $36

Package of 5         $125                                          

Package of 10       $250


Get Well Gift Packages  $Name Your Own Price



Laughter On Call...it’s a lot cheaper than a doctor visit or a therapy appointment...





Corporate Training & Events

Need a Speaker/Presenter for your next event but want something fresh, new and interactive?

You know you want to get everyone laughing, raise morale, create a stronger sense of camaraderie, but not everyone has the same sense of humor, so a comedian won’t do.  Hire Sarah today to help create a positive cultural shift in your organization and in your life.



o   Interactive Conference Presenter


o   Participatory Key Note Speaker


o   Unique Holiday Staff Party Laughter Extravaganza



Staff Development Workshops


Engage & Empower Your Staff Through Laughter


Sarah will get your staff up and moving to jump-start your business week on a Monday morning or help you unwind on a Friday and gear up for a rejuvenating weekend. Learn to take a laughter break during a typical work-day and use laughter to de-stress, improve staff morale and concentrate energy wherever you need it most. Guaranteed to tickle your funny bone, expand your positive cultural climate and put your organization on the map with a reputation for being a great place to work!


  o   Ice Breakers


  o   Team Building


  o   Increase Focus & Productivity


  o   Stress Management


  o   Lead with Laughter


STRENGTHSFinder 2.0 Training


Each session is customized to your specific goals and pricing is determined accordingly, based on location, group size and length of session.


Integrate STRENGTHS-Based Leadership into the overall strategic approach to your organization’s culture with a focus on achieving specific goals and staying true to your mission and vision.  Deepen the potency of your organization by identifying and nurturing the STRENGTHS of the individuals. 



Key Note Speaker/Presenter

       How to use STRENGTHSFinder 2.0 to shift the culture of your organization


Interactive Workshop

       Use STRENGTHSFinder 2.0 assessment results to empower staff in all areas of their work and life


On-Going Workshop Training

       Customized to your organization, Sarah will help you integrate and apply  STRENGTHS-Based Leadership into your team and address challenges such as team building, stress management, and using weaknesses as opportunities for collaboration for success


STRENGTHS-Based Leadership Guidance

        Individual or 1-on-1 Consultation and Coaching with Sarah


Laughter and Leadership

        Laughter Yoga works well as part of an introductory workshop to STRENGTHSFinders due to the team building aspect of Laughter, and the theories and practice of Laughter Yoga can be easily applied throughout a STRENGTHSFinder Leadership Training        


Possible Laughter-filled Events


o   Stretch and Strengthen Your Silly Bone for Seniors

o   Book Clubs

o   Holiday Parties

o   House Parties

o   Family Reunions

o   Bridal Showers with special de-stress 1-1 private

      Laughter Sessions with Sarah for the Bride-to-be!

o   Baby Showers

o   Alumni Events

o   Laughter Flash Mobs

o   Mother/Daughter Events

o   Get Well Events




o   Staff Events

o   Leadership Events

o   Wellness Presentations & Events

o   Corporate Events

o   Interactive Presentations

o   Religious Groups

o   Interactive Conference Presenter

o   Participatory Key Note Speaker

o   Fundraising Events

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