International Moment of Laughter Day is Tuesday!

Get ready for more LAUGHTER in your life. Let go with some SERIOUS GIGGLES in honor of International Moment of Laughter Day!

I hope you are starting to get excited about the incredible opportunity that Tuesday's special holiday affords you: add some EXTRA CHUCKLES into your day and SHARE LAUGHS with family and friends!

There are so many ways to celebrate. Let your imagination and creativity loose. To get you in the mood, you may read or tell some funny jokes, watch a funny video or listen to some funny songs. Laugh out loud, just for fun! Here are a few more engaging activities that can help you to spread more LAUGHTER around in honor of the day. HAVE FUN, and share your own ideas with me here!

  • Capture moments of laughter on your camera and share. Dig through some old photos and find something of yourself laughing with anyone….your sibs, your parents, your friends, your pets. Share the laughter on Facebook. Share the joy. Post and remember the past moments anew. You’ll be surprised how many people comment. Be sure to invite them to share their moments of laughter, too!

  • Don’t really feel much like laughing? This holiday is even more for you than your realize. We don’t need to think something’s funny or even have a good sense of humor to access laughter. If you are willing, you can do it, and your body won’t know the difference if you are laughing because you think something’s funny, or just to laugh.

If laughing is a challenge for you, I invite you to try my favorite ‘get-ready-for- some-laughter’ exercise. ‘Smile push-ups' will, at the very least, send endorphins to your brain and make you happier. If you do them in front of a mirror or with a friend, you are likely to get the giggles. Go ahead, give it a try now.

Instructions for Smile Push-ups:

1. Smile a great big smile. (Let your cheeks hurt - Stretch those muscles!)

2. Make a straight face. (This may be a challenge as you may already feel ridiculous which may have resulted in some instant laughter! - That's okay; in fact, the harder the straight face is to make, the more you access laughter, the more successful!)

3. Repeat step 1 & 2- 10 times.

Congratulations! There should be a surge of endorphins that have already flooded your brain with some instant happiness, and with luck, some spontaneous giggles and laughter escaped in the process!

Let 'Smile Push-Ups' start your day every day! Before you know it, you'll get the giggles and then LAUGHTER will spread everywhere. Just think of the LAUGHTER you will provide to those who spot you doing your morning routine as you drive to work!


SPECIAL INVITATION to a VIDEO CHAT LAUGHTER PARTY with creator of International Moment of Laughter Day, Humorist, Izzy Gesell!!

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