The Time to Laugh is NOW!

It's Tuesday. That means it's International Moment of Laughter Day! A great excuse to begin a new practice of adding LAUGHTER to your day! JOIN the LAUGHTER CALL!

(call-in information below)

What if....?

  • You don't feel that great?

  • You don't think you are funny?

  • You don't have a great sense of humor?

  • You can't think of any reason to laugh?

According to humorist, Izzy Gesell, who created this great holiday, and to Laughter Yoga Leaders & Teachers the world over, the GOOD NEWS is, none of those things need inhibit your access to LAUGHTER! As Izzy shared with callers this morning, tension and laughter cannot exist in the body at the same time. Therefore, if you are feeling tense, and you interject a laugh, you can literally stop the tension for that moment. It makes sense, then, that LAUGHTER can help you to destress, just by inviting it in. You can laugh intentionally, and because of the contagious nature of laughter, before you know it, you'll be laughing spontaneously. Izzy explained that everyone does not have to be laughing for a room to fill up with laughter. As you hear others laugh, you can't help but begin to laugh yourself. We get energized from hearing others laugh, and before we knonw it, we are passing on that energy to others. Connie, also on the call, shared her experience of not hearing the punch line of a joke, but hearing everyone else laugh. Before she knew it, she was laughing, too. She knew she was feeling great from the laugh, and figured she could always find out the punch line later!

ENORMOUS GRATITUDE to Izzy and all those who shared a variety of LAUGHTER this morning. Laughing with people from 5 states was a wonderful way to start the day and a great celebration of life and laughter!

However you access LAUGHTER, I invite you to begin to practice it regularly, starting TODAY! Join me for a MOMENT of LAUGHTER on the phone at noon or 3pm central time today! Call-in: 605-475-6777 Access code: LAUGH# (52844#)

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