Red Nose Day Great Excuse to Giggle!

Today the Red Nose craze hits the US and people can be seen sporting red noses everywhere! Who doesn't love an opportunity to don a fake nose, a simple costume, join in some universal FUN, all while making a tremendous difference in the lives of those who need it most!

Red Nose Day US is a campaign dedicated to raising money for children and young people living in poverty by simply having FUN and making people LAUGH. It's about raising awareness and raising funds. I spend most of my time trying to spread laughter into people's lives I love the opportunity to transform a person's day, and often their life, by simply teaching them how to access their own personal resources, something they have access to all the time. A simple smile sends endorphins to your brain which makes you feel happier. Like yawning, when we see someone else smile, we tend to do it, too. When we laugh (whether because something tickles us and we find it funny, or laughing intentionally) it becomes contagious, and we are flooded with all sorts of health benefits. Our bodies don't know the difference between spontaneous or intentional laughter, so if we are willing to try a laugh, we have instant access to creating a more positive outlook on life, decreasing stress, anxiety, depression, increasing focus and productivity and so much more. It saddens me to think of children, who generally laugh so much more often and more readily than adults, unable to access 3 healthy meals each day. I took action. I combined my love of LAUGHTER and FUN, donated money and purchased some red nose stickers so that I can spread awareness of this important cause.

I hope you will join me in helping to alleviate poverty right here in the United States today, and every day. It's no laughing matter that people go to bed hungry. We can shift our attitudes and learn how to lead happier and healthier lives through laughter, but our basic needs must be met. GET YOUR RED NOSE ON and MAKE A DIFFERNCE TODAY!

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