Jump-start your week with LAUGHTER!

Today was the third week of my FREE Laughter Club on the phone! People from 6 states have joined in LAUGHING ourselves HEALTHY each Monday morning.

YOU can join in the FUN!

Every Monday at 9am CST, Call 218-339-2460 Code: LAUGH# (52844#)


Here are a few tips to help you start every day with LAUGHTER:

I always begin with my favorite exercise: SMILE PUSH-UPS - don't worry, no strength in your core required, though we will work your abs in a few minutes with some serious belly laughs!

Smile push-ups send endorphins right to your brain, which makes you feel happier right from the start. Hold a big SMILE until your cheeks hurt - then relax, with a straight face. Repeat 10 times: Smile, Relax. For fun, do it in a mirror - giggling at yourself along the way is always permissible! Doing it with a friend is even more fun! You can keep a steady rhythm, or change it up for extra silliness. Smiling, like yawning, is contagious, and can lead to LAUGHTER, so go with it!

Feeling happier gets you ready for what follows: childlike playfulness! What we are trying to achieve in these laughter sessions is the ability to share laughter and laugh for no reason because you may not know this, but:

your body does not know the difference between

spontaneous or intentional LAUGHTER!

We'll be spending EVERY MONDAY MORNING at 9am CST LAUGHING - I really hope you can join us! Remember, you don't need a sense of humor to get the health benefits of LAUGHTER. Smiling and Laughter are contagious. Try smiling more throughout your day and every now and then let out a little giggle, just for fun! See what happens. Be more playful and silly. Laugh freely and often. Have a great week. LAUGH for the HEALTH of IT - IT MATTERS!

[Can't make the calls on Monday mornings? Want to schedule a seaprate LAUGHTER CALL with me or GIFT HEALTHY LAUGHTER to a friend? Contact me to schedule something that works for you.]

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