National Humor Month Full of Opportunities to LAUGH!

April is full of things to celebrate. In addition to it being National Humor Month, the month is also known for these fun things (and this is just an excerpt from the list I found.)

  • National Humor Month

  • International Guitar Month - maybe it's a good time to learn, or join a band!

  • Keep America Beautiful Month - recycle and pick up trash on your way.

  • Lawn and Garden Month - plant beautiful flowers...(This must be related to the saying: April Showers Bring May Flowers)

  • National Poetry Month - start thinking of a good poem topic...we will revisit this one soon!

  • National Pecan Month - think pie, or other sweet confections!

  • National Welding Month - do you have anything that needs to be stuck to another?

  • Records and Information Management Month - good time to get organized - I can sure use that!

  • Stress Awareness Month - Laughter can help with this one - more to come!

  • Sexual Assault Awareness Month - Don't do it. This is important.

National Primary Immunodificiency Awareness Month - This one matters a lot to me. I'll be writing more about this later this month, too. It's nothing to laugh about and yet, join me to discover how laughter can have a positive impact on even these really serious topics that don't seem to relate to laughing at all.

WAIT...there's more! How about celebrating these following specific days' holidays I found listed with antics, fun, games and silliness? The month is filled with excuses to have a good time!

1st - April Fool's Day - also International Fun at Work Day

3rd - Don't Go to Work Unless It's Fun Day - also World Party Day

4th - Walk Around Things Day - I'm thinking repetition here.

7th - No Housework Day - also World Health Day. Sounds healthier to me to skip some cleaning....

10th - National Siblings Day - who better to laugh with (or at) than your siblings?!

14th - International Moment of Laughter Day - also Look Up at the Sky Day and Reach as High as You Can Day. When you throw your head back for the that moment of laughter, keep your eyes open lift your hands up and it can be one of those 2 for 1 deals!

16th - National Stress Awareness Day - laughter helps deal with stress, for sure!

17th - Blah Blah Blah Day - you've heard enough, right?

20th - Volunteer Recognition Day - this is important. If I had some volunteers working for me, I'd recognize them. Actually, I do - check back on the 20th and read all about them.

21st - Kindergarten Day - maybe we can all go sit in on a Kindergarten class and remind ourselves of all the things we ever needed to know since that is where we learned them.

And the list goes on and on and on....AND every week has a celebration too!

Let's focus only on Week 3: Organize Your Files Week. With all these holidays to keep track of and celebrate, you'll need a whole week to keep your celebrations straight!

IF, and that's a GIANT-SIZE IF, you are still reading....HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY! I really did find all of this information, but having searched the web for fantastic pranks to share, I honestly couldn't find any I really loved, except the one I'm actually doing around town today. I don't want to spoil it for those who get to experience it, so I can't write about it yet. Check back though and I"ll post pictures, too!

SHARE YOUR FAVORITE PRANKS by sending me an email: or posting on my FACEBOOK PAGE: LaughwithSarah.

I'll be posting lots of great LAUGHTER TIPS and funny things all month, and celebrating IMOLD - that's International Moment of Laughter Day on April 14th, with the founder of the holiday, Izzy Gesell so check back for more silly stuff. THANKS for reading and if you prank people today, I hope it's all in good, clean FUN!

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