Celebrating Earth Day with Laughter

The truth is that Earth Day, though celebrated today, is really every day. We live here on earth. All we need to do is look around, and we can't help but appreciate the beauty around us. So much of our earth is damaged by carelessness and disregard for the delicate balance found in nature. Today is just an extra reminder to take care of what we have. Earth Day's Global Theme for 2016 is: Trees for the Earth. Celebrate by sitting under a tree and noticing all the benefits we derive from it: shade, fruit, flowers, beauty. Plant a tree. Or a shrub. Even flowers. The aim is to pay attention and take action to help protect our natural environment.

In my work, I focus on laughter as a means to better health and happiness. The picture above is from my recently published coloring book: Laughter Doodles. This image was inspired by Ralph Waldo Emerson's quote: 'The Earth Laughs in Flowers'. It seems appropriate for Earth Day because for me, just walking outside on a bright sunny day and noticing freshly blooming flowers makes me smile. It really is as if the earth is laughing in gratitude, as if to say, "Thanks for caring about me, for adorning me with color and fresh scents."

Being outside by itself is so good for us! There's almost no end to the benefits!

Today, and every day, stop and notice the flowers and trees and shrubs around you. Think about the delicate balance of our environment and take your own personal steps to protect it. Here are just a few ideas of activities you can do to celebrate:

1. Spend time outside

2. Plant a garden

3. Plant a tree

4. Recycle

5. Find a new use for something instead of trashing it

6. Decorate a trash can - Did you know that people are much more likely not to litter if there's a trash can nearby?

7. And of course, you can color this image from my coloring book! Don't forget to find the laughter. And go ahead, giggle yourself. You'll find yourself feeling happier. Then remember to look around and appreciate the natural environment where you find yourself. Let's all do what we can to insure it stays beautiful, Let the earth continue to laugh in flowers. Let's laugh right along with them!

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