April - It's time for FUN and GAMES!

I found myself at a crossroads in my life a few years ago. The work I had been doing was suddenly behind me, and I had no idea what path to pursue. I had faced many challenges before, and each time I gathered strength I didn’t recognize I had and certainly wished I didn’t need. I looked down the long road I had come from, and realized that as I looked to the future, it was the road I’d not yet travelled that beckoned me. It wasn’t long before I had made a commitment to share what I’ve learned with others. Whatever road we choose to take will carry us somewhere. When we are lucky enough to find the roads converging, we can forge a new path, and that truly makes all the difference in the world.

As APRIL is upon us, I am delighted to share my love of laughter, my love of poetry, and my passion for teaching, with my focus on reducing stress to live a happier, healthier life.

Let’s have a little FUN!

APRIL is simultaneously Humor Month, Stress Awareness Month and Poetry Month. It also houses April Fool’s Day (1st), International Moment of Laughter Day http://bit.ly/IMOLD17 (14th), Poem in Your Pocket Day http://bit.ly/PoemsInPckts (27th) and countless other holidays. Do you like PB&J http://bit.ly/DayofPBJ (2nd)? Or maybe you prefer grilled cheese http://bit.ly/NtlGC (12th). Want to work in your pajamas http://bit.ly/PJatWk (16th)? April has you covered! Join me on a journey to explore how all these things come together. We’ll carry laughter with us wherever we go, and in the process, discover many of life’s simple pleasures, stretch our minds and even make some new friends.

Let the GAMES begin!

You will find daily posts scattered throughout my social media platforms during the entire month of April. Opportunities for PRIZES will appear in mysterious places, so don’t miss out!

Website: SeriousGiggles.com

Facebook Pages: LaughwithSarah, Laughter Doodles

Twitter Accounts: @Serious_Giggles, @LaughterDoodles

Instagram accounts: sarahsseriousgiggles, LaughterDoodles

I’ll be sharing information and asking you to share your own knowledge, creativity, and questions on-line, on the phone or even in person. “On the phone?”, you’re wondering. That’s right, every Monday! http://bit.ly/LonMon

If you happen to be in Minnesota, maybe you’ll join me for a FREE LAUGHTER EVENT, or maybe you’ll join me for a LAUGHTER FLASH MOB, our pockets filled with poems!

Laugh yourself silly and discover that even though April is Humor Month, you don’t need a sense of humor to get all the health benefits from laughing. Discover some great poetry and create your own, learn helpful tips to overcome stress, that starts with becoming aware of the difference between the good kind (eustress- http://bit.ly/EuStReSs) and the kinds that can lead to all sorts of challenges http://bit.ly/SsTtRrEessSsSs.

There’s sure to be something for everyone, so dig in and follow the laughter. Your life will never be the same.

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